Who are we?

The NeShante’ and Chloe’ House Without Walls (NCHWOW) is a family-based nonprofit that is mission-driven to support women, men, and children in our community affected by domestic or gun violence. We collaborate with State Representatives, social services, hospitals, churches, and schools to help identify individuals or families requiring our services. We provide and build strong networks with other organizations to assist with transitioning needs, advance counseling, and accelerate learning.

We work on issues related to society’s most important challenges of breaking cycles of domestic and gun violence. Our services include providing education to all parties involved in domestic disputes to let them know alternative methods to domestic and gun violence are available to every situation and we are here to assist them in any way we can. We plan to have a powerful impact on breaking these cycles by offering professional counseling; education; resources on alternative measures according to each unique situation; safe haven referrals to individuals or families who require emergency shelter during their transitional phase; assistance with completing appropriate court related documents; job training and work attire to assist them with employment during and after transitioning; and personal items and home furnishings to assist them with a new beginning to a healthy lifestyle. Our services also include scholarships every year to encourage and support those affected by domestic and gun violence. The scholarships will be offered to those who choose to further their education at an accredited vocational school, community college, or university.

We pride ourselves on working with the community to build healthy, respectful relationships and alternative solutions when conflicting situations arise.


Our Story

The NCHWOW Foundation was founded in March 2016 in response to the tragic loss of two of our family members. NeShante’ Davis and her daughter Chloe’ Davis were both full of life and lived life to the fullest. They had so much to offer to each other and to this world. NeShante’ Davis was a first year school teacher who cared deeply for her second grade class. She was a giving and caring person who birth a vivacious daughter, Chloe’ Davis. Chloe’ was a very independent two year old who was extremely smart and educated way above her age. We love and miss them both deeply. However, on February 2, 2016 NeShante’ Davis and her daughter Chloe’ Davis were violently gunned down in an unfortunate domestic dispute over child support. This devastating event brought home for us the need to provide support to our community involving matters relating to domestic violence and gun violence.


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Our Values

The NeShante’ and Chloe’ House Without Walls values are grounded in our mission.

Support: We are committed to making a difference through our work. As a community, we STAND strong together and there is strength in numbers, which equates to success. We seek to understand what can be, not simply what is.

Teamwork: We work as a team within NCHWOW and with our community. We share what we know and try to align our efforts with those of others who are dedicated to achieving community-based impact. We set and hold ourselves accountable for high standards.

Awareness: We listen to and learn from our community, sponsors, donors, and one another to raise awareness about domestic and gun violence in our community. We are committed to raising awareness, supporting, and educating the people in our community requiring assistance to overcome the obstacles they encounter.

Nurturing: We strive to nurture everyone’s strengths through support, education, encouragement, counseling, and accountability. We STAND to provide excellent services in a nurturing environment with a strong community. We STILL STAND with and value our community as a place to grow and develop to become better people and a better community.

Diversity: We value diversity by recognizing and respecting the fact that people are different and that these differences connects us through our shared values. We value people on a personal and professional level and together we can help the community and NCHWOW to achieve results. We value diverse perspectives and strive to incorporate them in our work.


Our priority is to ensure the people who receive our services are STILL STANDING…..but not STANDING STILL.

Our Services


Education is vital in communities where domestic violence and gun violence is prevalent. Our community education programs will shed light on the issues of domestic and gun violence and raise awareness of the challenges a victim faces in reaching out for help. Through education and awareness of the range of services available within our community, we hope to be able to reach many more victims and their families. An important part of the work and support the NCHWOW organization will provide is outreach to the local community to raise awareness about domestic and gun violence as well as the support services available for victims and their families. Many victims of domestic and gun violence are unaware of the options available to them while friends and family feel unable to help their loved ones simply because they do not know where to turn to get help.


Providing counseling to victims of domestic and gun violence is highly important. Domestic violence survivors are at a high risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, or stress-related mental health conditions. Survivors can have hurtful memories or flashbacks, fear, or a sense of danger that they cannot overcome. The NCHWOW organization will assist victims in providing them the help they need, by offering counseling services. One of NCHWOW’s organizational goals is to help victims and the community in eliminating domestic and gun violence by offering preventative programs; counseling and support for victims, along with their friends and family; and helping survivors to move forward living a healthy lifestyle. Counseling sessions will provide a safe and confidential environment for survivors to express their feelings, thoughts, and fears. Counselors are nonjudgmental, third-party advisors who listen and can help survivors work through the things that they are experiencing.

Transitioning women, men and children

Domestic and gun violence victims are often victims of physical, mental, and psychological abuse and homelessness. Domestic violence victims are a homeless population with very special needs. NCHWOW would assist victims of domestic violence to find transitional housing programs that would accommodate safe housing needs and requirements. NCHWOW will attempt to provide a secure and supportive living situation, counseling, and a network to community services empowering battered individuals to achieve an independent lifestyle. NCHWOW understands that victims often leave abusive situations with limited personal belongings, so we will also provide personal items, clothing, and home furnishings to assist them during their transitional phase.