Providing counseling to victims of domestic and gun violence is highly important. Domestic violence survivors are at a high risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, or stress-related mental health conditions. Survivors can have hurtful memories or flashbacks, fear, or a sense of danger that they cannot overcome. The NCHWOW organization will assist victims in providing them the help they need, by offering counseling services. One of NCHWOW’s organizational goals is to help victims and the community in eliminating domestic and gun violence by offering preventative programs; counseling and support for victims, along with their friends and family; and helping survivors to move forward living a healthy lifestyle. Counseling sessions will provide a safe and confidential environment for survivors to express their feelings, thoughts, and fears. Counselors are nonjudgmental, third-party advisors who listen and can help survivors work through the things that they are experiencing.


Education is vital in communities where domestic violence and gun violence is prevalent. Our community education programs will shed light on the issues of domestic and gun violence and raise awareness of the challenges a victim faces in reaching out for help. Through education and awareness of the range of services available within our community, we hope to be able to reach many more victims and their families. An important part of the work and support the NCHWOW organization will provide is outreach to the local community to raise awareness about domestic and gun violence as well as the support services available for victims and their families. Many victims of domestic and gun violence are unaware of the options available to them while friends and family feel unable to help their loved ones simply because they do not know where to turn to get help.


Provide free resources for women, men, and children impacted by domestic or gun violence. In addition, we provide free information for those requiring assistance wanting to educate themselves and help others on the many issues related to domestic and gun violence.